Boston Detour: Meet Some Local Bees at the Boston Honey Company

bee hive at Boston Honey Company

You've been hearing about the bees, right?

Colony collapse, pesticide pressure from evil chemical corps like Monsanto...

Take this Boston Detour to get a bulletin from the bee world: the Boston Honey Company. They've got a few thousand living on the premises -- in an observation beehive. And then they've got freshly harvested bee product from the surrounding area. Not just honey, but lip balm, candles, and skin cream. 

Here's a 360 image of the Boston Honey Company neighborhood at the Boston Public Market. 

Boston Honey Company #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

This is the guy I talked to when I was there: Evan, who has been working alongside his father for many years now, and has been a part of the business since a very young age. Incredibly knowledgeable guy. 

Evan of Boston Honey

Local Bees, Local Honey

Here's where they are based, specifically: Holliston, MA 01746

Home Field

Look around: those "floral sources" are what goes into their wildflower honey.

The Boston Honey Company also harvest a limited crop of monofloral honeys: Clethra, Black Locust, Japanese Knotweed, and Basswood. Each honey has a unique flavor profile.

From the Boston Honey Company site: "Just like Boston has a distinct appearance and nature from any other city, so does our local honey. The bees gather nectar and produce honey on revolutionary battle sites, original settlements, and the continually flourishing towns of the greater Boston area."

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They like to make a lot of "bee" puns in their social media. Follow them on social media: you'll see. 

Boston Honey Company in their own words:

Our Massachusetts’ apiaries spread across the farms of Concord, revolutionary battle fields of Lincoln, community centers in Weston, public park lands in Sudbury, Sherborn, and many generous private sites from our home of Holliston to its neighbors and beyond.

We maintain a few thousand colonies all over eastern MA. If you keep an eye out you are bound to see us at work. You are also bound to spot our bees at work in your orchards, farms, and backyard gardens. Our locations are carefully picked for access, a wide abundance of flowers, sustainability, water, natural protection from wind and flooding, and stewardship.

We provide adequate forage space for our honeybees, locating our colonies by the capacity an area has for them. Our number of colonies is proportional to what we can handle and sustain. We raise our own queens, utilize strong bee lineages, and maintain a distinction between our honey producing colony stock and our replenishing stock. We want to further the inherent prosperity of the honeybee; so our beekeeping is of the highest skill and the gentlest practice.

Get the Comb Honey

The Boston Honey Company Comb Honey is harvested from bee colonies with no additional handling outside of cutting and packaging.

comb honey from the Boston Honey Company

Beyond Honey

Surprising how many people love the cosmetics, and the lip balm, and the candles, and the soap. 

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And Parking

BTW, I was just checking the Boston Honey web page, and they mentioned something that I had noticed, but forgotten: Parking at the Boston Public Market, available at the parking garage above the market, is incredibly cheap. If you have your parking ticket validated by virtually any vendor, you only pay $3.00 for a 3 hour stay. That is a downtown deal!