The Kenmore Army Navy Store

Kenmore Army Navy Surplus

Two mannequins frame the entrance to The Kenmore Army Navy Store: one in a flame-proof suit, the other, headless, wearing hospital scrubs. This is not the kind of operation that tries to charm you. The guys behind the counter can be surly. But if you want a break from standard retail culture, this place is a bracing, and abrasive, antidote. And they've got a lot of just plain stuff, cheap. 

Like knives. 


Lots of knives.

lots of knives

Desert Scarves, for $15.

Desert Scarves

Lots of camo


And chef's hats: floppy and beanie-style

chef's hats

Here's a good article that explains the evolution of the Army Navy Surplus Store. It explains how the genre has segued away from their core business to one that is military plus... survival, camping, work clothes, and general, everyday commodities.