Boston City Hall Plaza is a red brick desert.. but wait, it has oases

Boston City Hall Plaza

Boston City Hall Plaza, like City Hall itself, is widely loathed by the citizenry for its brick-and-concrete brutalism.

It is stark.

But... it has its advantages. One is that it can host all sorts of sprawling events: circuses, festivals, etc. Another upside: the Plaza has a lot of nooks and crannies -- places to hang in the shade of a City Hall concrete outcropping.

Making the best of Boston City Hall Plaza

The City of Boston has realized the limitations of this forbidding red tundra, and they are starting to take advantage of it. Check out the 360 image below -- there's some serious hangin' going on. Those plastic Adirondack are plentiful, and comfortable. The city even puts out astroturf. Those hulu hoops -- provided by the city.

And check out those two dudes, in the picture below, enjoying their subs from Al's. Not bad for midday city living.

Having trouble navigating it? Google hasn't quite squashed a mobile phone display bug. Try this link to Boston City Hall Plaza instead.

Eat here

This is a good place to eat a sandwich from one of the many, excellent, nearby fast-lunch places that have very little seating because:

  • They don't want to spring for more space than a counter and place to wait in line.
  • They assume you have a desk to drag your food back to. 


Did I mention that Boston City Hall Plaza is HUGE? It stretches for acres around all sides of City Hall. If you can't find just the right place to enjoy your subs from Al's, swing around to the other side of City Hall. You may find an off-the-beaten-path oasis in the middle of the red-brick desert. 

For example this place: The Cancer Garden of Hope.

Here's a 360:

If that doesn't work (remember: that Google display bug), just click on this image, below. 

Cancer Garden of Hope
Click on this picture of the Cancer Garden of Hope in Boston City Hall Plaza to get to the 360 image


I mentioned that Boston aggressively programs Boston City Hall Plaza for events, didn't I?

Even in Winter

Below: skating on the Plaza (Click on the image for a 360 view).

Skating in Boston City Hall Plaza
Click for 360


Experimental Section

My City Hall Plaza review on Google Maps.

  • Similar to what you've already been reading.
  • I was kind of curious what Google Maps Reviews are, so I wrote a few.