Fab@CIC Boston

CIC Fablab in Boston

It's not where you would expect a hackspace: in the heart of Boston's Financial District. The shaggy maker funk appeal of this neighborhood -- approaching 0%. 

It only makes sense when you know what else is in the building: the Boston branch of CIC (for Cambridge Innovation Center).

CIC is more than an organization. It's an ecosystem. It includes CIC's HQ in Kendall Square, Cambridge; a half dozen other CICs around the world; and related ventures like Venture Cafe, Impact Hub, and District Hall. 

CIC has multiple floors, including some dramatic event spaces on the top floor, where it puts on some amazing events, like Arts Technica, which hosted the Mixed Reality Challenge for a night. (That's why I'm including this in the "Play" section.)

Fab@CIC also overlaps with a number of other sprawling networks, like the Design Museum and the Fab Lab network. 

The Fab Lab has a truly sprawling constellation of its own, including a FabAcademy

The Fab Lab connection also insures that the equipment at Fab@CIC is impressive. 

The facility Calendar is worth checking out. Fab@CIC has frequent events, and knowledgeable "contributors" who have regular weekly office hours. 

And oh yeah, did I mention that Fab@CIC is co-located with the well-respected Render Coffee

My advice: Stop in, tap into the free WiFi, order a Malted Cold Brew, and start figuring out these overlapping networks... from the inside.  

Also, recently, Fab@CIC is hosting a Mixed Reality Challenge. Check it out.