The Kendall Square Rooftop Garden

Kendall Square Roof Garden

No sense in overselling this, but it is a quick change of scenery in Kendall Square: a humble, six-story lift into a big bubble of fresh air over one of MIT's main drags.

I liked Steph J.'s Yelp review. She's not easily impressed, and she got it about right.

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One thing this garden always had going for it: surprise. It was hard to find, and unexpected. You had to wind your way through a few anonymous lobbies, and out into a parking garage, the whole time saying to yourselves, "Are we sure we've got this right?"

I always expected someone to stop me, especially since it's located just outside Google's Cambridge office. "Sorry. Not for the general public." 

But it is public, negotiated during a recent building boom. The designer tells the story

And it's no longer secret. Just follow these new signs from the street: 

​​​​Kendall Square Roof Garden

​​​​Kendall Square Roof Garden

​​​​Kendall Square Roof Garden

Once you're up there, it's... a garden. 

​​​​Kendall Square Roof Garden

The surrounding buildings are drab; the height is not impressive; and it's no longer secret. 

It also doesn't have any shade, so either the time has to be right (morning or late afternoon/early evening) or the day has to be cloudy. 

Lunch in the garden seems like a good idea, particularly with a Clover just below, on street level. But, again, if it's a bright, sunny, and noonish -- might not be that great. 

So why am I recommending this? Not sure. Maybe I'm still living in its "secret" past.

Or just putting it out there, for that late afternoon/early evening when it just perfectly fits the bill. 

Yeah, that's it. 

It's open from dawn to dusk.