Post Office Square is a Hidden Gem of a Park

Post Office Square

When you want to sit in a park, and Boston Common is just too grubby, take a 14-minute walk to Post Office Square.

It's small, and meticulously maintained.

Lots of shade.

And a cafe.

Here's a 360-degree image from a cool Fall day. I took the picture to try out a virtual reality camera. 

Post Office Square in Boston
Click to see the 360 image

How Post Office Square Park Got this Way

In the 1980s, Post Office Square was the site of an old crumbling garage.

Then a bunch of companies from the area formed a civic group to radically change the space. The Friends of Post Office Square collectively donated more than $1 million of the initial funding needed to acquire the existing garage site, demolish the garage, and construct a new 1,400 space garage underground, making possible the creation of what the group envisioned at street level: a new public green space in the center of downtown Boston.

Here's a write-up of the project by a Public Spaces group.

How to Find it

From Boston Common:

Some Amenities 

Free WiFi

All over the park. 

A Café

Sip is an owner-operated cafe serving great coffee and a menu of soup, salads and sandwiches on artisan breads featuring locally grown produce. The Cafe is open weekdays from 6:30 am to 6 pm in the summer and to 5:30 pm in the winter. 

Seat Cushions!

Green seat cushions may be borrowed midday, Monday through Friday during the summer, from a cart located at the south end of the lawn.

A Library

A book cart is rolled out around midday, Monday through Friday during the summer. Borrow a book on the honor system. 

Summer Midday Music

Check out the Midday Music schedule on the Park Calendar.

Free Summer Fitness Programs

Free yoga classes have been going on since 2012. A free fitness program, called P.O. Fitness, started in 2013. The class details are shown on our Park Calendar each season.