Boston's Seaport District

Boston's Seaport

See those kids, playing on that giant rock -- that's not really Boston Seaport District. But it's almost as real as the rest of the Seaport. 

That's because so much of the Seaport is in the future, just over the horizon. Like those kids playing on that giant rock. Those kids aren't born yet. The rock is still in a quarry somewhere. 

But the plans

And you can't get too cynical about them, because so much has already happened. Gleaming towers have already been built. First floor retail is filling up rapidly, with A-list youthful brands: Sweetgreen, Bonobos, By Chloe...

And if you're looking for funky, it's just a block away, over on Summer Street. 

District Hall is also a cool, early center of community and activity. 

But back to the plans. Here are a bunch from the biggest developer in the Seaport District: WS Development. 

And some news articles, tracking their progress:

In the meantime, what is there to do here, today? 

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