Boston's Best Alleys

boston detours: vehicles excluded

Alleys aren't really destinations. But if you're walking around Boston, you may start to notice that you've been walking down many pathways with no cars.

Here are a few that are worth a look around. 

Winthrop Lane, Downtown Boston

In deep Downtown, between Arch and Otis Streets, there's a walkway with a subtle, extremely self-effacing ("walk on me!") public art installation: Boston Bricks.  

It takes a few trips before you even start to notice the mostly-rectangular, iconic, bronze art inserts.

Then it seems like you notice a new one every time you walk down the lane. 

Most have Boston themes. Here are three: 

 You Are Here

You are here. Winthrop Lane


winthrop lane: rowers

St Francis

(There's a Catholic Church, run by Franciscan monks, next door). 

St. Francis

Other alleys worth mentioning:

The Blackstone Block

One of the oldest blocks in all Boston, the Blackstone Block is criss-crossed by a few alleys. 

Check out the Google Street View of Marshall Street, which runs the length of the block.

West Street

A few alleys off of West Street, including this bookstore dead end, stocked by the famous Brattle Book Shop

Alleyway Bookstore by Rob Walker
Photo by Rob Walker

More to come...