Tikkaway - Indian Cuisine Deconstructed


Note: Tikkaway didn't survive the Covid pandemic. But the idea behind it is still a good one. And the original is still thriving in New Haven. 

It takes a few visits to do Tikkaway justice.

To get the full effect, you should dive in and start mixing and matching their Indian selections a few different ways.

Chana (chickpeas) + brown rice and quinoa + diced cucumber  + mild curried lentil dal sauce


Salad + lamb + cabbage + mild creamy tomato masala sauce. 

You can also skip the decision-making and order a traditional Indian dish. 

But the fun of Tikkaway is assembling the based components of Indian cuisine yourself, in a sparkling clean, white, ceramic-tiled establishment. 

Tikkaway is Indian cuisine re-imagined as a fast casual offering.  

The first Tikkaway opened in New Haven, where it remains a popular lunch option not far from the Yale campus. A New York Times article describes the “2 a.m. eureka! moment” that launched the restaurant. Tikkaway #2 opened in Boston in 2017. 

On Yelp, Willa D. gravitated to the same mix'n'match opportunity I explored on my visits.

Read Willa D.'s review of Tikkaway Fresh Indian Grill on Yelp

Scrolling through the Yelp reviews (there were 119 of them last time I checked; average was a solid 4.5 stars), I found many, many comparisons to Chipotle -- the way you choose a base, then proteins, then veggies, etc.

Tikkaway is also fast and reasonably priced (around $10.) 

Google reviews of Tikkaway (173 when I checked) were positive, hovering between four and five stars. 

Tikkaway is located in a row of promising, ethnically-inspired lunch offerings in the heart of Boston's Seaport District. 

Open for lunch and dinner. 

Update: Tikkaway is now a District Hall Community Partner, with a 15% Off coupon in the District Hall Gachapon Prize Capsule Machine