Find Powerful Chocolate Grit at the Taza Chocolate Bar

taza chocolate bar

Is there one word that can describe the chocolate you find at the Taza Chocolate Bar?

"Gritty" was the first adjective that came to my mind, but it sounded kind of harsh. Not a chocolately term. "Velvety" is a chocolately adjective, right? 

So I was about to delete "gritty." Then I took a Taza bar out of my desk drawer. There, right on the wrapper, was the word "gritty" -- twice.  The bar's "Gritty Goodness" is celebrated in bold type on the front of the wrapper; smaller print on the back touts the bar's "satisfyingly gritty texture." 

True grit

Taza is different like that. They don't aspire to "silky" or "creamy" -- words that are often used to describe high-end chocolate. It's earthy, no-nonsense. And it's not chocolate you're going to find anywhere else. 

Transparent sourcing

Taza also operates differently. You can read their most recent Transparency Report to discover exactly how they run the business. For example this map, below, shows its partners.

Taza's chocolate suppliers
Taza's partners


It was all this that brought me, regularly, to the Taza Chocolate Bar, in the Boston Public Market.  It was an ideal afternoon, pick-me-up detour.

I'm saying "was" because it has since closed. But I'm keeping this post up because the company is still in business, pushing its stark chocolate bars through stores all over the place. 

Taza on TV

You can get a taste of Taza's gritty culinary vibe from some of the videos by and about them.

The Factory Store

And Taza still has a Factory Store, in nearby Somerville, which is a decent substitute for the late Chocolate Bar. Here's how to get there by bike.

A final spin

If you missed the whole Taza Chocolate Bar experience, here's a quick video spin around the place, which will give you an idea of what it was like.